About Belize

About the country

Belize lies on the eastern coast of Central America.  Mexico lies on its borders to the north, Guatemala is situated on the southwest borders of the country while the Caribbean sea is on the east. The 320,000 inhabitants of Belize reside in a total of 8,900 square miles.

The official language is English although a lot of the local population speaks Spanish and Creole among them.  

About the economy in Belize

Although the business environment is Belize is informal, the professional infrastructure is what stands out since it has a worldwide reputation for its efficiency and low costs services.   

The banking regulator in Belize is the Central Bank which acts according to the provisions of the Banking act.  The main banks operating in Belize are Barclays Bank PLC, The Belize Bank Ltd, Atlantic Bank Ltd and Bank of Nova Scotia.

Offshore business in Belize started only in 1989 but with a drastic and speedy growth it is now considered to be one of the top 5 jurisdictions for offshore business operation and international merchant Marine registration.

Belize has a relatively small economy, which has seen vast improvement since 1986. Tourism is the main industry that attracts most foreign business and investments.  Agriculture and an industry related with marine products also stand out in the preferences of investors.  The government of Belize is currently developing and promoting international financial services in a very active and dynamic way.  

Great Britain and the U.S are among the biggest trading partners of Belize.  In 2005 the largest export partners of Belize were Jamaica and France while the largest import partners were Mexico, U.S.A, Russia, Cuba, China and Spain.

Belize deals with an array of offshore services:

Leasing of assets

General commercial trading

Holding investment assets offshore

Maintaining offshore bank accounts

Financial management

Trustee Services

Ownership and Management of other companies  

Ship and Real estate ownership

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