About Jersey 

Key Facts Companies
  • Possible to incorporate a company on same-day basis
  • Accounts of private companies do not have to be filed with any Jersey public registry
  • Every Jersey company is required to file an annual return (available for public inspection) signed by the director or the secretary, by the end of February of each year, accompanied by a filing fee that currently stands at £235 Directors' Duties. As well as the robust regulatory rules, including those regarding conduct of business, which licensed corporate service providers such as Trident are subject to, the Companies Law imposes key statutory duties on directors, which in case where Trident is engaged to act as director, will give clients an additional layer of comfort, that is, if Trident had to conduct business for or take over the management of their company.
  • Secretary key duties set out in the Companies Law, as well as those imposed on corporate service providers such as Trident when the provider is handling secretarial services, including keeping the minutes of directors' and shareholders' meetings, maintenance of the registers of shareholders and directors, and recording the issuance or transfer of shares and statutory filings.

Beneficial Ownership

  • The identity of the ultimate beneficial owners of a Jersey company must be disclosed to the Jersey Companies Registry within 21 days


  •  A Jersey company is required to maintain accounting records sufficient to show and explain its transactions and disclose with reasonable accuracy its financial position. Private companies are not required to have their accounts audited, unless their articles of association so state.

Corporate Taxation

  •  The government of Jersey imposes a general zero rate of income tax on all Jersey companies unless the company is managed and controlled outside of Jersey, or an exception applies. Generally speaking, a Jersey company may be exclusively tax resident in a jurisdiction outside Jersey provided that;
    • It is centrally managed and controlled outside of Jersey
    • It is tax resident in that jurisdiction
    • The highest rate of corporation tax in that other jurisdiction is 10% or above

Why Use a Jersey Company?

As As well as maintaining an internationally recognized, secure and stable judicial and political environment, Jersey was the first jurisdiction globally to license and regulate professional corporate service providers. Jersey has become the leading "go to" jurisdiction for the provision of corporate services, and its "flight to quality" has seen Jersey's corporate services industry go from strength to strength over recent decades.