International Trading 

We offer our own Trading Platform for brands planning to expand their operations into the challenging, yet attractive markets of Eastern Europe and Africa. Moreover, we are one of the leading suppliers in the cruise industry.

Our way of doing business successfully involves innovative approaches in identifying those rapidly emergent new market opportunities that abound for first-mover advantage. We always aim at providing an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behavior, customer support and value for money.

We accelerate profitable growth
Our international experts know that accelerating growth requires real insight into what will change current buyer behavior, a creative response to that insight, and multi-functional alignment. This is why they approach every single client individually in order to fully understand their needs, meet their requirements and develop their potential.

Partnering with us will help you build your winning strategy - insightful, innovative and result-driven. This is what keeps us ahead of competitors - we not only know how to succeed, we do it!

We transform customer experiences
We do not just help you deliver world best products - we help you build better customer experience. In today's fast changing business environment knowing your customer's needs is a must. Our analytical pre- and post-purchase services allow you gain the right insights on how to serve these needs, thus improve your offering, increase your sales and drive costs down.

We build strong brands
Our Team turns well-defined strategies into clear action programs that help you build strong, recognizable, compelling brands. By bringing together commercial, creative and analytical thinking our experts are successfully transforming your business, leveraging customer insights and defining unique brand positioning that transforms your bottom line.

We believe that the strongest brands are those that create a difference in consumers' lives and ... we DO create a difference - by shaping brands, changing behaviors and driving business impact.

We build strong bonds
In all our business endeavors we strive for commitment, integrity, honesty, diversity & excellence. As a result we build strong long-lasting relations with all our business partners based on mutual loyalty, trust and respect.

Todays' customers are more informed and demanding than ever before. The key to meeting their ever-increasing expectations is based on our partnerships that help us deliver profitable growth, great experiences and recognizable brands.