About Mauritius

About the country

The Republic of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of the African continent and next to Madagascar. It is well connected by air from many European and non- European countries and has been a free nation within the Commonwealth since 1968.

The official language of Mauritius is English although the vast majority of the population also speaks French and Mauritian Creole.

About the economy in Mauritius

Mauritius has developed from a low-income, agriculturally based economy to a middle income diversified economy with fast growing industrial, financial, and tourist sectors.

Mauritius is a highly preferred offshore location due to its attractive tax laws, which can result in significant savings on profits. The banking sector in Mauritius is exceptionally strong and independent with services of international standard while the costs are lower than other international business hubs.

The corporate law in Mauritius derives from English Law hence it is comprehensive from all English speakers in the business world.

The following exceptional services are offered in Mauritius:

Aircraft financing and leasing

Assets management

Consultancy services

Employment services

Information and communication technologies


Licensing and franchising

Logistics and or marketing

Operational headquarters

Pension funds

Shipping and Shipping Management


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