Why go Offshore?

Most of our clients are using "offshore companies" in order to maintain the anonymity and privacy of all their private information.  Operating through an offshore vehicle allows you to keep all your business activities, as well as, details confidential. Combining this with the fact that most offshore destination allow the formation of "Limited Liability Companies" (Ltd) with a very low or even zero tax liability and several other tax exemptions, it makes offshore destinations the most popular way for high net worth individuals, as well as, corporations, to carry out their investments and day to day company operations.

All different kinds of companies we offer are fully legal and able to be used in order to conduct their activities anywhere around the world.

Although financially the initial set up costs for an offshore company may be higher than that of a company registered in the United Kingdom or the United States, the long term benefits and savings on offer are far more than the ones on offer on onshore destinations.

In many cases offshore companies do not have to pay sales or income tax. Additionally, due to the fact that in several jurisdictions there is zero taxation, the filling of annual accounts or auditing the company's accounts annually is not required by the authorities.

By having this benefit it means that the company will be saving on accounting costs while at the same time they are able to keep their information private and confidential.

Advantages and Characteristics of Offshore Companies:

Highest level of anonymity.

Highest level of Privacy.

Nominee services allowed for Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries.

No paid up capital requirements for Limited Liability companies .

Very low to Zero Tax liability on any kind of income. No record of accounting is required by the authorities.

No Auditing of annual accounts is required by the authorities.

Business activities can be conducted internationally.

Stable jurisdictions with stable political situations.

Most Jurisdictions are Under Common Law. Minimum of one Director / Shareholder required.

Minimum of one Secretary required.