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Although a legal entity has protection of your personal assets against business risks, it can not safeguard the company itself against claims from your past which might be a personal risk or obligation or one-man business. Your company's assets may appear safe and untouchable, but the shares that express their value may very well be seized to settle a debt.

A Trust offers complete protection for personal and business assets. The traditional meaning of a Trust is the fact that enables you to settle the shares of a company or an asset into a Trust or Foundation instead of holding them on a private name.

The Trust's origins go back to the medieval crusaders, who had to entrust someone with their estate during their absence. Thus a Trustee came to exercise formal ownership over these assets, which however were administered apart from his own possessions. The Trustee had to serve the interests of the beneficiaries appointed by the settler.

Over the years, changes and improvements on Trust forms has only served to strengthen and secure the beneficiaries' interests. The modern Trust can serve fiscal, family law, property law, or charitable objectives, or even all of them at once.

Most entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors opt for a Trust as a vehicle for:

Protection of the company's or the family's assets against claims and Bankruptcy
Tax planning
Estate planning
Securing the company's continued existence
Estate planning 
Securing the company's continued existence
Protection of the company's or the family's assets against claims and Bankruptcy
Tax planning
Cyprus Trust or Foundation:

Cyprus Trust Law is based on English Common Law, the Trustee Law Cap 193 which is virtually identical to the English Trustee Act 1925, and the International Trust Law 1992.  In the early 1990's the Cypriot Government in an effort to promote Cyprus Trusts enacted the International Trust Law.

An International Trust is defined as a Trust in respect of which:

(a) The settler is not a permanent resident in Cyprus, 

(b) At least one of the trustees is permanent resident in Cyprus, 

(c) The beneficiaries, other than a charitable institution, are not permanent residents in Cyprus, 

(d) The trust property does not include any immovable property situated in Cyprus.

It is possible to form the following types of trusts:

Discretionary trust
Fixed trust
Combined (discretionary and fixed) trust
Trading trust
Purpose trust
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