Citizenship & Residence 

Alexandrou Corporate Services provides a vast spectrum of services including formalization of Citizenship and Residence Permits for non-European citizens. The following guide summarises key points of the procedures and requirements for the applicants who wish to obtain Category F (Residence permit) or Citizenship in Cyprus.

Residence Permit, Visa F

Visa category F is granted to non EU citizen and his/her family: spouse and children till the age of 18 years old (there might be exceptions) for the permanent stay in Cyprus.
The applicant should possess and have in their disposal a certain annual income, sufficient enough to secure a decent living on the island without need of employment in Cyprus.  The income must come from legal sources from abroad. This permit does not allow the applicant to work in Cyprus; but he/she can own a Cyprus company and receive dividends from its profits.
An applicant can acquire Category F status via the standard procedure within 5-12 months or via fast track procedure within 2 months. If the applicant purchases a property for him/her self and the family of €300 000 or more, the application is examined favourably. The main requirements are as follows:
  • Steady income from legal sources from abroad;
  • Sufficient income to cover the applicants and his/her family expenses.

Category F is revoked in the applicant obtains residence in another EU country or did not visit Cyprus for more than 2 years continuously.