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Cyprus remains an economy in transition

Posted on: 9/12/2016 6:16:05 AM under General News

Since 2013, the government, in close collaboration with CIPA, has set out an ambitious structural reform agenda across the majority of policy areas affecting the business environment in Cyprus.

"We may have climbed 13 places in relation to last year in the World Bank Doing Business report. We have been included in the top ten performers out of the 189 countries. We may have officially exited a macroeconomic adjustment program last March.

The investment funds legislation and achieved a tripling of funds under management from €1 billion to €3 billion since 2013. 

"Our vision is to provide the Cyprus economy with the necessary attributes that will make it flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing international scene and the growing needs of investors. By doing the best we can to develop and strengthen our competitive and comparative advantages, while implementing, alongside the government, bold structural reforms, we believe that Cyprus can and will be transformed.


Source: Sigma Live