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Cyprus Ranked as the 5th Safest Country

Posted on: 10/3/2016 5:28:58 AM under General News

According to a study published on Value Penguin, Cyprus is ranked on the 5th place of the safest countries in the world and on the 1st place of the countries with population up to 5 million for the summer of 2015.

Several criteria were taken into consideration, among which are the following:

· Population

·CO2 emissions

· National police personnel (per 100,000 residents)

· Traffic deaths (per 100,000 residents)

· Thefts (per 100,000 residents)

· Assaults

·Life expectancy (in years).

According to the statement, Cyprus was placed on the 5th position, because of its rankings in policing and low theft levels.

In order to rank the countries, the researchers have used data from reputable and reliable sources.