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The Cyprus Economic & Investment Summit

Posted on: 10/10/2016 5:24:32 AM under General News

There was a large number of many major institutional investors, attracting more than 100 representatives from various international funds, investment banks and investment consultants that either they are based or maintain a strong presence in New York.


Great interest from investors

High interest was shown by participants in regards to the investment opportunities in Cyprus.

Particular interest was shown by investment funds for the opportunities of non-performing loans, as well as investments in real estate. Also, attendees showed great interest in registering investment funds in Cyprus.

At the same time, during the summit there was a high interest from the attendees to upgrade the agreement between Cyprus and USA to avoid double taxation.


Praises of the Cypriot Economy

The impressive recovery of the Cyprus Economy within a few years as well as the economic reforms implemented gained positive feedback from institutional investors, as it makes Cyprus an attractive investment destination.

A great importance for US investors was the positive feedback on the course of the Cyprus Economy by the representative of the International Monetary Fund in Cyprus, Vincenzo Guzzo, who spoke about a success story in Cyprus, and David Bonanno, CEO of Third Point, one of the largest investment firms in New York and a large investment in Cyprus.

Both Vincenzo Guzzo and the David Bonanno spoke with praise for Cyprus; the later even explained the reasons why Cyprus should be targeted by international investors, adding that Cyprus is a growing international business centre and an attractive tourist destination.