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Cyprus looks to be regional hub in satellite communication.

Posted on: 9/12/2016 6:20:07 AM under General News

ESA and Transport, Communications and Works Ministry signed on July 6, 2016, a five-year European Cooperating State Agreement (ECS/PECS), which allows Cyprus to actively participate in the ESA activities and programs, paving the way for the development of the Cypriot industry, academic and research community, as well as the development of innovative applications with the use of space technologies. 

Cyprus with Agency programs and activities and to prepare the country in the most efficient manner for possible

future accession to the ESA Convention. 

The total intended envelope of the first call is 1.2 million euro. Such a call will be announced every year for the

whole duration of the agreement. 

The ECS Agreement is expected to result in promoting innovation and research, educating at the same time our

young engineers and scientists, creating new jobs and opportunities. "We also believe that will enable our universities and industry to be more competitive and secure additional funds in space applications.


Source: Sigma Live