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ExxonMobil Exploration Company: Our vision is for Cyprus to become a major energy center

Posted on: 6/9/2017 12:25:14 AM under General News

Steve Greenlee, ExxonMobil Exploration Company president, analyze how the corporation is competing for the world's best oil and gas opportunities.  Also, he said "Our vision is that Cyprus will become an energy center and we hope to find enough natural gas, which will create the foundation for Cyprus to become an energy exporter" in his greeting at the event delegated by the Cyprus Delegation and ExxonMobil, the Consular House in Washington.

We are working until the signing of our contracts in April, starting our research, and we focus to them to have the best results. And we are happy about it. We have been in Cyprus for 60 years, you know us, we are glad we work there, we are good friends and this has helped us move forward with the new phase.

Prime minister of Cyprus Energy expressed the hope that large quantities of natural gas will be found in the Cypriot AOZ and that helps Cyprus as a country and the areas around it.