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Alexandrou Corporate Services LTD

Posted on: 9/6/2017 5:42:33 AM under General News

 Alexandrou Corporate ServicesLTD is one of the most competitive and experienced corporate service in Cyprus based in Limassol.

Our Company provides

  • Incorporation companies in Cyprus
  • Asset Management
  • Obtaining all relevant documents i.e. Certificate of incorporation, Certificate of directors and secretary, Certificate of registered office address, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Opening, administrating and maintaining corporate and/or personal accounts in Cyprus
  • Advising and registering companies for VAT in Cyprus, preparing all the necessary documents and submitting VAT reports to the authorities
  • Carrying out all the communication between your company and third parties (Governmental authorities, Tax authorities, Banks)
  • Conducting any form of communication required with other legal entities in Cyprus
  • Consulting on general tax planning including tax structures and optimization of tax liabilities


Our Company has a vast experience in local and International market, thus providing you with the utmost efficient, knowledgeable and professional service possible, also we are extensively involved in finance, real estate investments as well as investments in trading and energy industries.

Our professional staff will accommodate your every need to suit your client's or company's requirements and make sure you company is presented in the best possible way.