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Cyprus to receive funding for migration handling.

Posted on: 8/13/2015 7:42:52 AM under General News

European Commission funding granted Cyprus €74.9 million for handling migration programs.

European Commission has contributed a 2.4-billion-euro fund to be distributed for the 2014-2020 period to countries which are facing a crisis because of the influx of migrants, mostly from war-torn regions.

The EC report published this week said Cyprus would receive €32.3 million under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and €42.6 million under the Internal Security Fund.

EU member states face unprecedented challenges in the fields of migration and security and the Commission is taking action in a spirit of solidarity. The money allocated to Cyprus will be used for improving asylum and integration procedures and strengthening security measures, including implementation of border management and enhancing its operational capacity for fighting against terrorism and effectively managing security-related risks and crises.

Cyprus is the most south-eastern part of the European Union and in past years has been a refuge for thousands of migrants seeking a better life. But unlike Italy and Greece which are used by migrants as an entry point to EU, Cyprus was the final destination for most migrants in search of security and work.

Source: Famagusta Gazette

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